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>> 5,000 books, 2,000 feet long. the event is supposed to promote reading but i think it promotes domino playing. >> i think it could. what is a day like without a good van morrison song. >> here comes "the real story" with gretchen. >> welcome. public face for obama care's failures back on the hot seat today. facing tough questions from both sides of the aisle. mike emmanuel, fill us in, mike. >> kathleen sebelius saying, they are working on it. >> in the last five weeks, access to has been a miserably frustrating
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experience for far too many americans. it is unsaptable and i'm focused on fixing it and i'm accountable. the administration has promised that it would be fixed by the end of the month. >> you said recently that you expect the website to be running smoothly for the majority of users there is no room for error. >> there was the familiar pitch from president obama that if you like your health care you will be able to keep it. today a leading republican asked how she could allow him to continue to say that. >> you have been misleading the american people and the president has over and over and over again. i would much rather you say yeah, we were wrong yeah, we didn't tell the truth.
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saying they should have known better. we should expect more hearings after the administration releases enrollment numbers next week. you can expect there will be more hearings after that. hard dates set on both of those things thank you so much, make. >> today's hearing called to order by max boccas who had a hand in shaping the obama care plan. today the senator did not sound anymore pleased. >> problems have plagued the website and littmited the abili to buy the insurance that they deserve. let me say right off the bat that this is unacceptable. do it now. and the second rule is do it right the first time. why not shut down and do it right. >> what did you make of that? >> he kicked things off.
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he has been on record as calling it a train wreck, last week talked about possibly delaying it. he was pretty forceful today wasn't he? >> he knows the law probably bet per than any one and he has been unhappy that it is not working the way he intended and i think the message he wanted to send and it was interesting that the rest of the democrats on the finance committee in that he hearing were not as forceful but he was sending the message that we have heard from senate democrats over the last week. which is they were not happy about this and they want it fixed. >> he looked almost sick to this stomach when he was giving that opening statement. and there were republicans who were more forceful.
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you have this. >> so a convicted fellon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive information unbe knowing to them? >> that is possible. > navigators on the websites and the people taking 1-800 calls could be convicted fellons really? >> when you have a law that is this extensive, things like this will slip through the cracks and republicans who oppose the law and want to poke holes in it and those that are interested in fixing aspects of it are going to go after things like this and try and hold the administration to account. i think they have to do a better job of having answers. one of the things that is hurting them, but they have lacked a certain sense of
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credibility that they know their own law and know what is going to happen next. ey are good at is the october 1st date. >> now they have said november 15th, they are going to tell us the number of people who have signed up for it. and the november 30th hard date that they are going to have this website fixed. well, i interviewed a democratic s senator from washington state. she said it can be fixed and it is not the biggest deal in the world but it is not smart to give artificial deadlines when everything is going to go the way you want when you want it. >> it is not so much the issue is why don't they give it out today and good it an end to the
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story. we know why, we know that on the first day only six people signed up. and quite possibly the medicaid numbers could be higher than the actual paying customers and that could put this whole thing upside down and it simply can't work. >> since we already know that, put it out and that is one less story that they have to deal with. >> our next guest knows all about iing stories and how to spin them. imagine if your job was to explain obama and it's problems day after day? it seemed to get the white house press secretary the other day. >> i want to go back to what the president said. he said you can bypass the website and it can be done in 25
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minutes. they all have to go through the same portal. >> john, i get it. but the person who calls isn't the one who has to wait after the paper application is filled. >> let's bring in someone who knows dana parino, so great to have you here. >> it is my debut. give us the real story. when you see the finger pointing like this. we remember being kids that is it, right? >> when you are the press secretary you like to be like a duck. you look calm on the surface but underneither you might be paddling. you respond in a way that you might not have if you had your cool collection in place. >> did he get in trouble after that? >> i would doubt it. i would imagine that in the white house that people were
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looking at jay with sympathy and team work and pat him on the back and say i don't know how you do it every day. i don't know what the management style is at this white house. sometimes it is better to give someone a hard time. i would crumble if somebody said that to me. >> it is not like jay carney has spent a bunch of years at the podium getting tough questions. >> he was the bureau chief for time magazine before i became press secretary and time magazine knew how to ask the tough questions. he is trying to defend the in defensible. he clearly said if you like your health insurance plan you can keep it. when they say how are you trying to explain this away?
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>> does he know that the president was lying? >> well, one thing that he could probably do is say i wasn't the press secretary nen. >> nobody is going to take that. >> i don't know if he is in. the job is exhausting and it is all consuming and you feel like the daily piniata and there is no candy inside. it was the best job i ever had. >> most people think of you and they think dana cool. there was one moment let's watch this. >> helen, i find it really unfortunate that you use your front row position to make such statements. >> that was it? >> i need a hair and make up person. >> you were so cool though. >> well, when people look up a we tube video of me and helen thomas. those are rare moments. you could answer a hundred
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questions as press secretary and then you have that one time when you say i have had it. the worst moment is if i was mean and tried to make a reporter look small. >> if president bush were watching me right now would he be proud? if he would not have been proud i tried not to say it and i would swallow the sarcasm and scream and make a comment inside. >> there must be so much pressure. you are the mouthpiece of the leader of the free world. if you had a suggestion for jay carney? >> i have a great suggestion. there is no way that any press secretary is going to be an expert in any little thing. anytime he gets a question on how the portal works i think they should have a designated person that he can point to and say i know why you are asking
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the question i republicanfully refer you to the hhs and he will answer your question. after three days of pushing them aside the questions will stop. they have been on the back foot for a month. >> as long as this continues to be an issue he is going to keep getting the questions, right? >> they could say there are technical femapeople that are dealing with that. the question about president obama and whether he lied. they used a campaign tactic. and in order to pass the bill that is what happened and they are having to eat crow. it is better to eat eitherly. if it sits and festers on your plate it is he going to taste like you know what. >> and now your only daily piniata is bob beckle. >> he starred in an nfl psa in
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fan conduct. what miami's coaches may have known about richy that could plow this story wide open. plus should public prayer be allowed in town meetings. and the big winners and losers that is and lunars in last night's elections. what they say about 2016 we'll be right back. >> i know that tonight a disspirited america look to new jersey to say is what i think happening really happening? are peopleful co really coming together. helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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welcome back. we do want to hear from you.
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did you vote yesterday? e-mail us. tweet us and we of course always read your tweets and e-mails at the end of the show. so, what did last night's winners and losers say about next year's midterms and 2016? tea party favorite losing a close one in the virginia's governor's race. tonight you sent a message to the president of the united states that you believe that virginia understands that obama care is a failure and that you want to be in charge of your health care and not the government. >> bring people together and to achieve what we needed to achieve to move our satate forward. listen, i know that if we can do
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this in trenton, new jersey maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tv's right now. and guy benson, political editor and radio host. all right guy, governor christie, wow, was that a campaign speech? >> he launched his presidential campaign last night. he did so in a way that was very savvy. he knew that the eyes were going to be glued to their tv's watching. he said look was we are doing in new jersey. we are doing things together. we have democrats controlling the legislat lure and i'm a republican and we are managing to move forward. he was launching a campaign with
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& tie dc message. look at this stat 32% of the democrats voted for christie yesterday in new jersey a ton of independents 57% women, 51% hispanics, the interesting fact out of that race last night is that hillary clinton still beats governor christie in his own state in an exit poll 48 to 44% your take? >> if he is the nominee and i think it is going to be a bumpy ride to get there. and tea party republicans dislike him. he is still going to have a hard time beating hillary clinton in 2016. 50% of the voters last night said they think he would be a good president. so the republican brand has been damaged and they have an uphill
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climb. >> iminterested in your take on that. is the republican brand, has it been damaged? >> will they vote for chris christie? >> i think it has been hurting the last couple of years and he was able to overcome that. i think it is silly for us to be trying to prognosticate based on an exit poll in new jersey. the fact that he won 60% of the vote last night is super impressive. the hispanic vote. but to say that he is down by four to hillary clinton. he's done is silly. >> it is to a certain extent because we have seen the ebb and flow of politics for months.
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senator bokkis looked sick to me today. let's listen to senator nelson when he was speaking? >> as someone who has fought and bled for this and thinks that it is going to work in the long run i want you to hold him account. i want you to burn their fingers and make them pay for not being responsible and producing a product that all of us can be proud. >> he was talking about the contractors. simon? we are not at the panic stage. there are parts of this that are going well. the national exchange isn't working. but clearly this has been a
11:21 am
problemic roll out and the think that i want to volunteer to be critical of, they also didn't seem to have been ready to explain to the american people what was about to happen. >> some people would call that a lie. they were lied to. that is the thing. we are not saying that the white house was not prepared to explain. i think what we saw in virginia. there are a lot of reasons why ken kuchinelli said that. >> obama care was front and center and that has to be very scary. >> you have to wonder what the end result might have been. >> simon and guy, you have to wrap it up. >> a mother, u.s. army vet
11:22 am
banned from her child's school after exercising her second amendment rights. >> the principal is scared of you she doesn't want you on the grounds. >> were you in the army? yes. plum amazins diced prunes are great as a snack or on just about anything. i like that! i'd put these on a salad. these would be perfect for cookies. ones individually wrapped prunes are simply irresistible. that is so juicy. it's packaged by itself. that's fantastic. delicious and nutritious my kids are going to love this. ones and plum amazins. only from sunsweet, the amazing prune.
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outraged is a mom banned from other daughter's school. the board of ed banned. trace gallagher has the details. what am i not picking up here? >> it sounds outrageous. >> the mom her daughter is a disabled girl and she is a school volunteer and claims that she has never had problems with
11:26 am
the principal until recently he told her he no longer wanted her to volunteer and then she posted that concealed weapon post on facebook. >> the principal is scared of you he doesn't want you on the grounds. are you in the army and i'm like yes. do you have a concealed weapons permit? i said yes. >> she did ban the mom for posting the weapons ban on facebook. and claims that the mom has been disruptive before. quoting here. now the mom wonders if other parents with concealed weapons
11:27 am
permits or hunters or gun owners may be banned from the school. >> i feel like a criminal. i want to be heard. i want a public a want a public apology. >> she is not getting the public apology but she has been given permission to pull her daughter out of the school and put the daughter in another school. legal action against the school is pending. it is so crazy, it is her second amendment right it sounds crazy. trace, thank you so much for that update. >> one of the most contentious cases of this supreme court term unfolding right now. what is it about? your right to play on the deockt and one state they razor passed a tax on recreational pot use.
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welcome back. president obama trying to sell his signature health care law in the lone star state.
11:32 am
he is facing an uphill battle there. governor rick perry is one of the most vocal opponents and casey is live for us in dallas. >> good to see you. you may remember that governor perry said that texas would not create this exchange so we got stuck with the federal one instead. and then he refused to extend medicaid under it. secretary sebelius has been to texas twice in the last few weeks. today the president's turn. he will be meeting with workers on the ground here. more than six million uninsured people live in this state. roughly 24 pors % of the total population. what we are seeing non profit groups steps up.
11:33 am
even local municipalities stepping up. the centers are prosprouting oun shopping malls. trying to make sure that residents don't get lost in the shuffle here. the frustration has built since we started on october first. i have confidence that we will be able to enroll people. >> as you heard in those senate hearings today. no official enrollments yet. we'll see. >> all right thank you for the preview casey. >> virginia's battle for governor and the mayor's race in new york city not the only vote. colorado approved recreational pot use. but now 25% tax projected to bring in $70 million a year.
11:34 am
for school construction and regulation of pot sales. to washington state. voters approved to safe labels. new jersey voters okayed raising the minimum wage to $8.25 an hour. only four other states have passed similar measures. voters betting big on casino bam bl gamblers. including eventually in new york city. >> here is a question for you. should public prayer be allowed at town meetings. that unfolding right now before the united states supreme court. opening prayers at public meetings has been part of our nation's fabric.
11:35 am
bill don wahue and the author o "push back". gentlemen, thank you for coming back. let me start with you on this. it is before the supreme court today. somebody felt offended that they were going to say a prayer before meetings. what do you think? >> i think prayer is fine. it gives purpose to situations. you know, when our founders talked about not establishing a religion they had common sense and understand prayer was not establishing a religion. benjamin franklin, he himself asked that the congress of the united states or the philadelphia convention should start with the prayer. so there is not a problem here of forcing people or establishing a religion as long
11:36 am
as the person doing the prayer doesn't want to evanize people. >> what about having a moment of silence. >> well, that could be contracted to countries founded. this case was resolved already in 1983 in the march versus chambers case. why are we back with this? >> why is the obama administration on the right side of this issue? >> good point. >> my argument is they are looking for the right test. they are looking for the least religion friendly test. that decision in the supreme court of 1983, which our side won the same issue. since that time you have had another test and endorsement test and in 1982 justice kennedy came out with the coercion test. what standard of evidence are
11:37 am
they going to use and i don't know the answer to that? >> i'm not so sure it is going to win. where do you come out on this. >> i know you are an atheist. >> prayers don't bother me as long as they are not part of the meeting. if someone wants to pray they have the right and i'm totally fine with that. if you are on a city council, once that meeting starts, you are representing the city. >> in this particular town they used to do a moment of silence and then they recently changed back to prayer. >> they open up the supreme court that way. >> the critics argue that in the town meeting it is different. >> it is part of our nation's history. you can't take religion out of history it is part of history. >> a moment of silence doesn't inspire or educate people.
11:38 am
>> during my church service we do a moment of silent prayer. we do it both ways. >> if you want to do that it is fine. >> this is going to get people hot under the collar. >> public school in florida as outraged parents stage a protest under a world history book. it contains a chapter on islam but none on other religions. david, do you have a problem with this? now we are so pc in society that we are going to feature the muslim religion but not talk about others in the history book? >> that does have lots of information but not in one single chapter. >> it doesn't have a chapter on it. i think that we should teach children about christianity in public schools. because they need to know that it is a big part of history.
11:39 am
but we should teach children about p islam and everything else. book supporters know that students know about it already but i don't have any problem with islam but what happens when we start taking christianity and judaism out of the history books? >> talking about the language police and how they are elevating islam and denvating it. in 2008, the american text book council did a major study. again, they don't tell you the truth that it was a reaction against muslim violence, i didn't know that muslims were so great. they are lying about islam a and -- >> when you have a 32 page
11:40 am
chapter. and you have no chapter on christianity and judaism then you know that the authors of these books are trying to indoctrinate. this is done by the multiculture centralists. the saudis are somehow funding these books. >> i have to wrap up there. thank you gentlemen. he starred in an nfl psa for fan conduct. >> on the field players have called me overly aggressive. >> now he is accused of bullying and tormenting his 300 point teammate. what miami's coaches may have
11:41 am
known that could blow this story wide open. >> toronto's mayor now admitting that he smoked crack. but could that force him out of office next. >> what don't you understand. get off the property partner. or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying, now i get it! take beano before and there'll be no gas. test test. test test.
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hi i'm rich incognito. on the field players called ny overly aggressive. >> he is facing a possible life time ban for being a bully. he sent a series of texts to teammate who left the team. here is one of them. now there are reports that the coaching staff told him to toughen up after he skipped a workout. he went overboard. >> former prosecutor turned
11:45 am
criminal defense attorney. >> which way did i turn? >> hopefully you are not going to turn. >> legal liability if they told him to rough up or toughen up martin. >> they hurt his feelings? >> oh, are you kidding me? >> i am friends with lawrence taylor the greatest defensive player of all-time. >> he called me screaming, for real? for real? >> are we going to start lawsuits. let's take the manliness equation out of it. >> but it is football. >> i read the part of the voice mail that i can actually say on television and he said, i'll kill you. >> before that, we don't have enough bleeps at fox news to
11:46 am
show you the rest of the text. >> did he mean to start biting people's legs like dogs or is this what football players do to get fired up to play the sup superbowl? >> today the team asked him to do this. >> i think there is going to be a problem. if the team said hey, go toffen up this guy, if they didn't care or liablity. maybe the team is like you get in there and ala a few good men -- >> here is the thing. all sports good goons. ho hockey has them. >> what is the damage? >> they are wrong. what is the damages, they hurt his feelings? >> it is not like the guy broke
11:47 am
his arm. >> they said they should have never left the team. how about the message that this sends to football fans. >> $500 a seat to see their team win. >> good point but supraoperate discussion. >> got to move onto toronto's mayor rob ford admitting that he smoked crack and vowing that he is not going to step down. >> i do not use crack cocaine nor am i an addict of crack cocaine. >> do you smoke? >> exactly, yes i have smoked crack cocaine. >> wow, legally i know this is in canada, arthur. police chief bill blair says the video recovered showing him smoking it did not provide grounds to press charges. did you agree with that?
11:48 am
>> i will tell you in new york if there is a videotape of somebody breaking the law that is grounds to arrest them. why the mayor shouldn't be held to a higher standard, he got arrested in washington when he was on video smoking crack cocaine. >> i disagree with that. last night i left fox news and i drove drunk. the proof is gone. today the proof is gone. even though he said it was crock. i don't think that is enough. >> maybe it is not enough. >> saying that it was crack cocaine he is still saying that he is running for re-election. >> it is up to the voters to speak. >> he should be running to rehabilitatreha
11:49 am
rehab. >> they agree in the end. >> thank you. >> from the guys who gave us spiderman and the hulk and xmen. i knew super hero. we will tell you why she is so ground breaking. >> he won big. if he reaches for a bigger ring in 2016. right back. ♪ everybody's got a hungry heart ♪ ♪ everybody's got a hungry heart ♪ ♪ lay down your money and you'll break apart ♪ farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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his big re-election victory opens the door for governor chris christie to start thinking about 2013. and the chris tri ctie camp may
11:53 am
encouraging polls. 2/3 of independents also backing the governor. 50% of jersey voters opposing obama care. the big question today, it is can he win over conservatives in the republican party to become the republican party to become to appeal to a lot of very conservative and many questions in the south and elsewhere socially conservative voters and i think christie is going to have a bit of a trouble. at the end of the campaign last year. of course, hurricane sandy hit new jersey and very
11:54 am
friendly with president obama. you expect some of that. >> the hug. >> the hug and all of that for example i talked to somebody high up in the romney campaign. christie was asked to come to a rally in bucks county before the election he said no. that could have been helpful. he could have had romney come to jersey and hurricane sandy damage with romney. that didn't happen. >> maybe because he wasn't selected as vp who knows. >> sore about that. >> the point here being what will he have to do to become more conservative? because even last night in his speech he made it clear washington, listen up, here's what you do to get along with both sides. it's what i have done in new jersey. >> i think people would be impressed if, look, i think he has a tremendous charisma and all of that seeing concrete accomplishments. significant tax reduction for example. more in the area of school choice. things along the area of privatization. here is my market oriented reforms. people might say that's good and impressive. what we have now is a lot of charisma chasing around not so much that conservatives
11:55 am
would find impressive. >> have you written an article obama's weapon of mass deception. you claim three years ago they could have gone along senator enzi proposal republican to have people be able to keep their own healthcare plans but all of them voted against it senator enzi of wyoming measure in september of 2010 would allow people to have grandfathered plans that could keep their plans if they liked their plans which is what obama talked about and every single democrat voted against it about a dozen or so running for re-election had they got that vote. had an opportunity to stick with the promise made. right now i checked five minutes ago the white house web site at the moment says if you like your plan you can keep and it don't have to change a land due to the healthcare law. the lies continue to the second. >> wow, murdock, great columnist. check him out if you can thank you for being my guest. >> thank you, gretchen. >> football coach refused, what did he do? i guess we are not going to
11:56 am
talk about that new details in amanda knox trial. what d.n.a. says about the knife found at the scene. right back with the real story after this.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
welcome back, everyone. let me tell you what america is cooking on today. new forensic evidence on the knife in amanda knox murder trial found no match to the victim of the murdered roommate. the evidence presented in knox appeal in italy. back in the form of a muslim. classic character 1977 reemerging as the teenage daughter of pakistani immigrants in the u.s. who knew there were any still left blockbuster announcing today it will close all its remaining retail stores by 2000 146789 that's a bummer. and the fired up tweets and emails matt baucus telling kathleen sebelius to shut it down and do it the right the second time. that is the desks of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. from mark foster. shut the whole thing down.
12:00 pm
go daddy can do the web site better. thanks for making me laugh. and rick baker posting if they cannot run it right the first time what makes them think they can do it the second time. government has never meant to be in the insurance business. i'm gretchen, here is shep. gretchen, thanks. we are developing several new stories here on the fox news deck. reaction after new testimony from the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius about the problems with the obamacare web site and what she says the administration absolutely can cannot could do. plus, a man who hijacked a plane to cuba has just returned to the united states after three decades to face justice. we have video of his plane arriving and you'll hear what happens next. facebook launching a new policy on bullying. how will that effect you and your children? plus, jet man takes a wild ride over mount fuji. the incredible video is ahead so let's get to it.

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